4. Empowerment and networking project of social mental health assistants of the countrywide welfare organization

👥Project audience and stakeholders: 
250 representatives of non-governmental organizations

👥Project participants and activists: 
The Social Harm Prevention Office of the country’s welfare organization with the training and documentation team

🌍Philosophy and worldview of the project:
Today, political and economic experts unanimously agree that sustainable growth and development cannot be achieved without organized and purposeful participation from different groups of people. People’s participation facilitates, accelerates, and reduces the cost of societal development in the absence of isolation. Non-governmental organizations are widely favored for attracting people’s participation due to their voluntary, independent, non-profit, and non-political nature. Therefore, governments strive to harness the potential of these organizations for the development goals of the country. It is undeniable that leveraging the talents and capabilities of non-governmental organizations requires capacity building, creating an enabling environment, and providing opportunities to transform them into competent and reliable organizations. Of course, training non-governmental organizations is one method of empowering and increasing their capacity (First step: individual capacity building). Empowerment plays a crucial role in the movement of non-governmental organizations, enabling them to compete with other sectors of society. It also drives growth and enhances efficiency and effectiveness. Furthermore, it ensures the long-term sustainability of the organization’s activities while developing their financial system leadership and human resource management capacities, abilities, and skills (organizational capacity building and institutional capacity building).

🚀The main goal:
Empowering and enhancing the skills of members of non-governmental organizations involved in social harm prevention (mental health assistants) across the country through conducting educational/participatory workshops on fundamental principles and concepts, social project writing, volunteer management and strategic management, effective communication methods, consultation and promotion, and optimal management style in three dimensions of capacity development.

🤝Project owners and partners: 
Office of Prevention of Social Harms, the country’s Welfare Organization, and National Population, Social Mental Health Assistants

🏢Executive platform:
In collaboration with the Prevention of Social Harms Office of the National Welfare Organization, based on the division of the country’s regions into 8 regions, conducting training and empowerment workshops with a minimum of 30 participants in each workshop.

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