3. Empowerment and capacity building project of students members of scientific, cultural and art associations across the country

👥Project audience and stakeholders:
Students who were members of  different student associations across the country

👥Project participants and activists:
The Cultural Vice-Chancellor of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology in cooperation with the Cultural Vice-Chancellor of universities across the country

🌍Philosophy and worldview of the project:
After the cultural revolution, student activities witnessed significant growth. In the early 1970s, the tendency of students towards extra-curricular activities increased in order to empower students to enter the labor market and address skill deficiencies in the educational system of universities. As a result, the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology began forming student scientific associations in 1377. This new institution played an undeniable role in the university education process in the following years. Student scientific associations are considered a bridge between educational groups, universities, the free market, and students, filling the existing gaps. With the creation of student scientific associations, a place was provided for students to improve their extracurricular activities and address gaps in the university education system.

🚀The main goal: One of the existing threats to student scientific associations was the high turnover rate and the short period of time students worked in these associations. Consequently, less experienced students spent most of their time learning how to interact and implement programs in student scientific associations, resulting in marginalized activities. However, through the proper training of active members in student scientific associations, students can be introduced to the fundamentals of working in this student organization. This increases productivity and awareness within student scientific associations. The main goal of the project was to train members of student scientific associations across the country in teamwork culture and promote their activities. Workshops were held on various topics such as essay writing, working in groups and teams, creativity and innovation, problem-solving methods, research methods, project writing, and volunteer management.

🤝Project owners and partners: 
Cultural and social deputy of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, and managers and cultural experts in universities across the country

🏢Executive platform: 
The cultural vice-chancellor of universities all over the country

2015 – 2017

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